(WIP) Industrial Design Projects

Projects done in undergrad school

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Industrial Design is to design phyical products aimed for mass production. Industrial design and experience design are tightly related, because all the products are designed for users to use and to meet their specific needs. Actually, user experience is everywhere as long as there are users involved. In my undergrad school, I learned Industrial Design as the step stone for me to get a sense of user experience. Here are some projects I did in school.


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July 2012 | Industrial Design | 3ds Max, Photoshop

Decocting Chinese herbs medicine is a complex task which people often make mistakes. Traditional pot is usually heavy. The fire level has to be controlled precisely during the decocting process based on the medicine ingredients. This product is an intelligent electric herb medicine pot, which is designed for old people who have less strength and the young who know little about making traditional Chinese Medicine.

Design Studio

Design Studio
March 2012 | Experience Design, Industrial Design, Architecture Design, Interior Design

The challenge is to design a design studio for students who are learning design (mainly for industrial design students). Young designers are differnet from students of other domains in needing space for creating, thinking, designing and making. This design studio is designed to encourage students' inspiration, facilitate conversation and deliver design solution. This is a project involving experience design, industrial design, architecture design and interior design.

Drawing Tablet

Transparent Drawing Tablet
July 2012 | Industrial Design

Users care about the products, while designers enjoy the process of designing. Some of my undergraduate classmates who were also learning design complained that their drawing tablet is unconvenient to control. During the age when touch screen tablet is expensive and not yet popular for design work, this transparent drawing tablet is designed to give designers freedom to sketch and draw on their computers.

Just A Ruler

Easy-to-Pick Ruler
March 2012 | Industrial Design

This is just a ruler. Different from regular rulers, this double-edged ruler is easier for users to pick up, especially on a flat and smooth surface.


March 2012 | Industrial Design

It happens that a regular cilpper sometimes cannot reach to the target place on a large-sized paper. The GoClipper has the top part and buttom part separeted. With the help of three strong magnets to align, the GoClipper can clip paper material of any size.